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Why Choose Great Outdoors Play Systems

We get it. There are lot's of play equipment companies out there.  Even the big box retailers and membership clubs have jumped on board. They started cutting corners to maximize profit by sourcing materials and finished products (even lumber) from China, limiting & restricting warranties so they never had to pay out on them, using smaller and inferior timber on playsets in order to reduce their cost, and so many other purely profit-driven decisions.

We opened our doors in 2000 and have always sourced the world's best quality products and have always put your family's safety above everything else! To date, we have sold and installed more than 20,000 swing sets, commercial playgrounds, trampolines, basketball goals, pool tables and ground cover. Our Play Experts are the best in the industry when it comes to working with you as consultants and helping you select the finest play equipment for your family or business. Whether you need a swing set, trampoline, basketball goal, or commercial playground... we have you covered!

Why buy a Rainbow Play Swing Set?

When it came to playsets, absolutely no one had better quality swing sets than Rainbow Play Systems. Yes, there are many cheaper brands out there. We are MUCH more concerned about the safety of your children than trying to offer the cheapest price. So, when we met with Rainbow almost 20 years ago and saw their dedication to safety and quality, we knew right there we had to partner with them.

When Rainbow Play Systems opened their doors almost 30-years ago, they were one of the only major swing set companies. Today, they are one of the largest international swing set manufacturers in the world. You can find their playsets in just about every corner of the globe. And when The White House needed a new play area for President Obama's daughter's, who did they call?  That is right, they called Rainbow Playsets!

Rainbow Play Systems has always stood for quality! Even today, the timber and hardware is second-to-none. As for warranties, they offer the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY.  Every residential playset comes with a Lifetime Warranty included - you don't have to buy an extended warranty, because we have you covered! 

Are you ready to enter the world that is Rainbow Play Systems? Browse our entire line of residential playsets. You can either buy online or call us with any questions or for more customization options.