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Play Village Commercial Playground (97A)

Product Description

 Rainbow's Commerical Playgrounds are perfect for community parks, schools, churches, daycares, apartment complexes, campgrounds, and more! In the Play Village children will play in the mulitlevel clubhouse. They can climb on the monkey bars and slide down the 8' tube slide. Children enjoy 10 different play activites including ships wheel, HaHa Mirror panel, Tic-tac-Toe panel, and more!

*Available in Green also

  • 5' x 5' Multi-Level Clubhouse 
  • Deluxe Lap Beveled Wooden Roof 
  • (4) Spindle Rails 
  • HaHa Mirror Rail Panel 
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel 
  • Ship's Wheel 
  • 6 Pair Plastisol Dipped Safety Handles 
  • Tube Slide w/ Commercial Base 
  • Grab-N-Go Bar 
  • Monkey Bar w/ Shimmy Bars 
  • Monkey Bar Support 
  • ADA Transfer Station
      • Ages: 2-12
      • Child Capacity: 10 to 14
      • Number of play activities: 10
      • Deck Height: 12" to 36"
      • Slide Length: 8'
      • Overall Height: 11.5’
      • Overall Weight: 1665 lbs
      • Unit Footprint: 18’L x 8’ W
      • Minimum Play Area: 30.5'L x 20'W
      • Components: Plastisol Dipped
      • Warranty: Lifetime 
      All Rainbow Playsets come with a manufacturer's limited Lifetime Warranty.
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      $ 6,450.00 $ 10,750.00

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